Protect the
Creignish Mountains

and the residents in our community from the proposed Rhodena Wind Farm

About us

The Route 19 Community Association is a group of residents who care about the well-being of their community. In addition to being committed to protecting and preserving our landscape and nature both now, and for future generations.

We are deeply concerned about the proposed construction of 15 massive wind turbines along the Long Point/Craigmore/Creignish ridge, that are being promoted as the Rhodena Wind Farm. We are calling for an immediate moratorium on the Rhodena Wind Farm project to enable a review of Inverness Counties by-laws to reflect new industrial technologies; and to protect our citizens and countryside from these types of developments.

Join our group and say “NO” to the Rhodena Wind Farm proposed for our beautiful scenic Route 19.

Our Concerns

Our concerns include, but are not limited to, the proposed 200 meter size of the turbines, their proximity to residences plus the stress caused by noise and flickering. The latter having a proven adverse effect on health and wellbeing. Of equal concern is having our wildlife, traditional beautiful landscape and peaceful way of life altered by industrial structures. We also worry property owners could face a decrease in property values.

We worry about

Visual Impacts
Noise And Infrasound
Decrease Of Property Values
Well Water Pollution
Negative Effects On Tourism And Recreation
Recycling Problems
Negative Impact On Wildlife

Rhodena Wind Farm

Take Action

Your opinion matters. Get your voice heard!

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Write a letter to the Council

Express your concerns and write an email to the Inverness County Council:

District 1 – Councilor Claude P. Poirier –
District 3 – Warden Bonny MacIsaac –
District 4 – Councillor John MacLennan –
District 5 – Councillor Lynn Chisholm –
District 6 – Deputy Warden Catherine Gillis –

Read our sample letter below and then write your own. Focus on the topics that most concern you and the negative impacts you think the Rhodena wind farm will have.

» Sample letter for the Council

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Project Information

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Rhodena Wind Farm

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